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11/03/2019 Portion size selection as related to product and consumer characteristics studied by PLS path modelling
11/03/2019 Promotion of novel plant-based dishes among older consumers using the ?dish of the day' as a nudging strategy in 4 EU countries
11/03/2019 Individual differences in replicated multi-product experiments with Thurstonian mixed models for binary paired comparison data
11/03/2019 Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Beef Products Derived from RNA Interference Technology
11/03/2019 Food perception and emotion measured over time in-lab and in-home
11/03/2019 What influences mothers' snack choices for their children aged 2?7?
11/03/2019 Supersize me. Serving carrots whole versus diced influences children's consumption
11/03/2019 Understanding factors underlying actual consumption of organic food: The moderating effect of future orientation
11/03/2019 Do adults draw differently-sized meals on larger or smaller plates? Examining plate size in a community sample
11/03/2019 Consumer evaluation, use and health relevance of health claims in the European Union
11/03/2019 Does a vegetable-first, optimal default strategy improve children's vegetable intake? A restaurant-based study
11/03/2019 Understanding the role of social desirability bias and environmental attitudes and behaviour on South Australians' stated purchase of organic foods
11/03/2019 Rejection of labrusca-type aromas in wine differs by wine expertise and geographic region
11/03/2019 Personality traits and preferences for production method labeling ? A latent class approach
11/03/2019 How do consumers perceive reformulated foods after the implementation of nutritional warnings? Case study with frankfurters in Chile
11/03/2019 A picture says it all? The validity of photograph coding to assess household food waste
11/03/2019 Psychological profiles of people who justify eating meat as natural, necessary, normal, or nice
11/03/2019 Practicing the (un)healthy?=?tasty intuition: Toward an ecological view of the relationship between health and taste in consumer judgments
11/03/2019 Factors associated with food liking and their relationship with metabolic traits in Italian cohorts
11/03/2019 Complementarity of implicit and explicit attitudes in predicting the purchase likelihood of visually sub-optimal or optimal apples
11/03/2019 Associations between chemosensory function, sweet taste preference, and the previous night's sleep in non-obese males
11/03/2019 Does food-drink pairings affect appetitive processing of food cues with different rewarding properties? Evidence from subjective, behavioral, and neural measures
11/03/2019 Consumers' associative networks of plant-based food product communications
11/03/2019 ?Shaping perceptions': Exploring how the shape of transparent windows in packaging designs affects product evaluation
11/03/2019 Clustering datasets by means of CLUSTATIS with identification of atypical datasets. Application to sensometrics
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