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11/03/2019 Morphological, mechanical and chemical aspects of processing tomatoes produced in Brazilian savanna
11/03/2019 Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Beef Products Derived from RNA Interference Technology
11/03/2019 Does a vegetable-first, optimal default strategy improve children's vegetable intake? A restaurant-based study
11/03/2019 Understanding the role of social desirability bias and environmental attitudes and behaviour on South Australians' stated purchase of organic foods
11/03/2019 Practicing the (un)healthy?=?tasty intuition: Toward an ecological view of the relationship between health and taste in consumer judgments
11/03/2019 Women's empowerment in agriculture and dietary quality across the life course: Evidence from Bangladesh
11/03/2019 Agricultural inputs and nutrition in South Asia
11/03/2019 Unravelling the food literacy puzzle: Evidence from Italy
11/03/2019 Why are restricted food items still sold after the implementation of the school store policy? the case of South Korea
11/03/2019 The International Monetary Fund's interventions in food and agriculture: An analysis of loans and conditions
11/03/2019 Long-term crop productivity response and its interaction with cereal markets and energy prices
11/03/2019 Comparison of bacterial diversity in traditionally homemade paocai and Chinese spicy cabbage
11/03/2019 Effect of different starter cultures on chemical and microbial parameters of buckwheat honey fermentation
11/03/2019 Mentha piperita L. essential oil inactivates spoilage yeasts in fruit juices through the perturbation of different physiological functions in yeast cells
11/03/2019 Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by biocontrol yeasts
11/03/2019 Surveillance of norovirus contamination in commercial fresh/frozen berries from Heilongjiang Province, China, using a TaqMan real-time RT-PCR assay
11/03/2019 Discrimination of genotype and geographical origin of black rice grown in Brazil by LC-MS analysis of phenolics
11/03/2019 Impact of altered starch functionality on wheat dough microstructure and its elongation behaviour
11/03/2019 Allergenicity suppression of tropomyosin from Exopalaemon modestus by glycation with saccharides of different molecular sizes
11/03/2019 Biochemical characterization and technofunctional properties of bioprocessed wheat bran protein isolates
11/03/2019 Effects of cross-linking with sodium trimetaphosphate on structural and adsorptive properties of porous wheat starches
11/03/2019 Purple-Fleshed Sweet Potato acylated anthocyanins: equilibrium network and photophysical properties
11/03/2019 Effect of solvent and extraction technique on composition and biological activity of Lepidium sativum extracts
11/03/2019 1H NMR combined with PLS for the rapid determination of squalene and sterols in vegetable oils
11/03/2019 Nanoencapsulated plant-based bioactive formulation against food-borne molds and aflatoxin B1 contamination: Preparation, characterization and stability evaluation in the food system
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